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Companies and industries in the region

Historically, the region is synonymous with the textile, glass, stone, electrical, wood and agricultural industries.
However, other branches and industries have been developing as well.



Electrical engineering and metalworking, automation, glass fiber processing, stone processing, steel structures, food industry, starch production, brewing, industrial bakery, footwear and furniture production, prefabricated houses, wood and biomass processing, transport and forwarding services, tourism etc.

Several examples of companies active in the region




Eaton Logo

EATON – Powering Business Worldwide

With its 850 employees Eaton ranks among world leaders in the field of electronic and power management and industrial automation. An apprentice center is also available within the premises.


Elk Häuser fürs Leben

ELK – Häuser fürs Leben

Since 1979, ELK has belonged among the renowned manufacturers of prefabricated houses, hotels and multifunctional buildings in Europe. The company employs 800 workers and tries to buy quality materials and components from the region - another benefit of this site..



AGRANA stärkt die Region

This international industrial company processes agricultural products. Potato starch is not only used in the food industry, but also in the paper and cosmetics industry, in the construction industry, from wallpaper glue to sprayed concrete - everywhere you find starch from Agrana. 300 employees are complemented by a number of regional subcontractors.




NBG & FCT Fiber Optics Technology

 The company manufactures metal tubes filled with optical cables. The company with 20 years' experience in this field is able to guarantee top quality and precision throughout the entire production cycle customers from all over the world. In the field of sensory applications using fiber optic technology, this company is the world's leading innovators worldwide.




LEYRER & GRAF Baugesellschaft

A construction company with a large power spectrum and 1,400 employees belongs among the top 20 construction companies in Austria. There also is an apprentice center there. Apprentices regularly receive awards in national and international competitions.





Wirtschaftskooperation Gmünd/Schrems,
Access Industrial Park Austria GmbH
Zweiländerstraße 8, 3950 Gmünd,
Tel: +43 (0)2852-54343



Wirtschaftskooperation GmündSchrems,
Access Industrial Park Austria GmbH
Zweiländerstraße 8, 3950 Gmünd,
Tel: +43 (0)2852-54343